The Outsider Within/ El Extraño Desde Dentro- 2

You are not one of them. You have misunderstood an unwritten, unspoken law and are being relegated to your proper place, reminded that you don't have the right to defend what's not yours, nor will eveer be totally 'One of theirs'. The membrane is woven by the herd instinct. It protects everyone that belongs to... Continue Reading →

The Outsider Within/ El Extraño Desde Dentro-1

Sometimes, the one who has the clearest view of what is happening inside a place is the outsider living within. The outsider is not quite sure of what they're seeing through that invisible, intangible glass sphere that surrounds them. It is a membrane that allows them to see, hear, taste and otherwise experience everything that... Continue Reading →

To My Soul Sisters / A Mis Hermanas del Alma

------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To all of you, Friends, Sisters, Mothers, Daughters: Never cease to be yourselves. Never let anyone define your worth. Never think that your example is useless and will change nothing. Never lose the Little Girl inside you, the one who laughs at nothing and marvels at a sunrise. Never stop supporting those you love,... Continue Reading →

Strength Hurts / La Fortaleza Duele

Everyone wants to be strong. Being strong hurts. You become strong when you persist and you learn, and you don't refuse to accept the lessons pain can teach you. And there's always someone to help you. Always. But you must allow them to help you. Never underestimate the pain of the strong because it is... Continue Reading →

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Embracing Forever

Explorations in Authenticity by Michael Mark


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La universidad en la naturaleza

La universidad en la naturaleza

Tom Das

Liberation & Non-Duality

philosophy of ENJOYMENT

To embrace life with all of your senses. To contemplate. To enjoy. That's what this is about. Do you have the will to enjoy?

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Care, Bliss and the Universe

Life, the Universe and Yourself

Periódico Anarquista: La Boina.

"Ved, hermano, he aquí una, de mecha crepitante, es de papel, tinta y dinamita cerebral. ¡Estalla!" Armando Triviño; 1919

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I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

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