Women / Mujeres

Women. We are all daughters. Some are sisters, mothers, wives, girlfriends, best friends and lovers. We are powerful in and of ourselves. We carry life. We sustain relationships, families, countries, empires. I want to say thank you to each and every one of you, my sisters, my fearless warriors. In spite of so many pains,... Continue Reading →

The Herd / La Manada

We, as humans, as social beings, need to belong. We develop an intrinsic belief that our inclusion as part of a larger group is a necessary part of our survival as individuals. First, I'll give a formal definition of what a social group is. 'A social group consists of two or more people who interact... Continue Reading →

The Fog /La Niebla

<a href="http://Fog"> How often do we allow ourselves to see through the haze that dominates our lives? We are enveloped by a thick fog, layers upon layers of misery that seep out from nowhere. They paralyze you, these layers. They remind you how useless you are. They feed off your insecurity. They whisper in your... Continue Reading →

Scars / Cicatrices

Scars. We all have them, unless we are very young. We hide them beneath smiles. We cover them with affirmations that all is well, flourishing in fact. But they manage to show through the cracks where we were once broken. Everyone tries to hide them, deny them, disguise them. We feel they are a sign... Continue Reading →


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"Ved, hermano, he aquí una, de mecha crepitante, es de papel, tinta y dinamita cerebral. ¡Estalla!" Armando Triviño; 1919

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I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

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"I feel in every girl, there is a spirit, a wild pixie, that if let go, would run and dance in grassy fields until the end of the world. And then that girl grows up, that pixie hides, but it is always there...peeking out behind old eyes and reading glasses, laughing, waiting to one day dance again." ~Atticus~

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