The Beginning of Reason? / ¿El Principio de la Razón?

Let's end it, all of it! No more #BlackLivesMatter , no #YesAllWomen, no feminism, no supporting LGBT+ rights! Nothing! There is a way. An easy one. If everyone acknowledged that we are equally created in dignity. If everyone acknowledged that we should be treated according to our humanity, not according to what we look like,... Continue Reading →

That I Could be Good- Que Yo Lo Valgo

THAT I COULD BE GOOD... Even if I am never rich or famous. Even if no one understands my mind. Even if the rest of the world decides that I am not fit to be believed. Even when things go the way they want and not the way you had them planned in your brain.... Continue Reading →

My Wife, My Lover, My Mother, My Coddler.

When will we have some statistics about 'non-chauvinistic' men who want their wife or girlfriend to be not only a partner but lover, mother. organiser, coddler, life saver? They, the poor guys, can do anything they wish while their multi-tasking, maxi -stressed woman cannot opt to do much more than care for their 'baby', lest... Continue Reading →

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Embracing Forever

Explorations in Authenticity by Michael Mark


Classroom materials and teaching tips from TEFL lifer Alex Case. See the drop-down menus under the photo for thousands of photocopiables and articles, and for how to support TEFLtastic


Ecologia política i territori // Ecología política y territorio // Political ecology and territory

Tom Das

Liberation & Non-Duality

philosophy of ENJOYMENT

To embrace life with all of your senses. To contemplate. To enjoy. That's what this is about. Do you have the will to enjoy?

Robert H Myers

Writer, Student Housing Leader, budding Spray Paint Artist


Liberated News & More

Espacio de Quique Roxíos

El orgullo de falar gallego asturiano

Cloak Unfurled

Life is a journey. Let us meet at the intersection and share a story.


seguís luchando y por nada te des por vencido

Care, Bliss and the Universe

Life, the Universe and Yourself

Periódico Anarquista: La Boina.

"Ved, hermano, he aquí una, de mecha crepitante, es de papel, tinta y dinamita cerebral. ¡Estalla!" Armando Triviño; 1919

Free therapy 🖊️

Mental Health Healer | Lifestyle | Travel | Culture 🤎

milkcarton mugshot baby

I used to be Snow White, but I drifted.

Sweetmoran Adventures


Tish MacWebber

Always Thinking...

The Spanish Berry

Sunshine and Inspiration


Break the silence. End the violence.