#Brexit-Spain, A Tale of Two Referenda

brexit 1

spain elections 2

Will we be on the fence again? Will the Spanish people decide there is no political party sufficiently trustworthy to rule the country?
The situation is unprecedented. If the votes are fragmented, the country will be once more headed for uncharted territory. Such is the situation in this country that is holding its collective breath as we remember the events in Greece and how the country was forced to accept vitriol and abuse from the EU because they had failed to meet expectations. What would happen in the hypothetical case that Unidos Podemos wins? They are not a traditionally established political force but a grassroots organization. The major parties have launched wave upon wave of petty causes against them. It reeks of fear at having to confront a new force that has not yet become jaded and just may have it in them to actually do something for the people. They have, indeed, polarized the public opinion. Either you love them or you hate them. They represent the dangerous ‘reds’ that generations of politicians have warned about. The reaction if they win by a sufficient majority is uncertain.

Everywhere you turn, people equate the EU with Europe. To my knowledge, Europe existed centuries before the EU was even thought of.

The very concept of the United States of Europe is one that seems artificial. A conglomerate of federal states that share common cultural roots, but otherwise are extremely diverse, is not likely to be easily shaped into a super state. It can only be done by extensive acculturation where people readily give up parts of their cultures and adopt others from a ‘super culture’. The tendency is then to view the original culture as backwards and less important. Homogeneity is the goal, whatever the price. Ultimately, if you deny different cultures their identity, if you force them to succumb to the conventionality of a uber culture, what you are doing is putting cultural diversity at risk. You are playing God with structures that have been in place for centuries and that have evolved at their own pace and will continue to do so. Cultures tend to mix spontaneously if allowed to. When you tamper with the natural progression of things, it is bound to go wrong at some point. If you want to subjugate a people, shame the elders and uproot the young, and you will effectively have left them at the mercy of whatever cultural wind blows hardest. A culture with dry roots and no new leaves will wither and die, as the living being that it is. I fear we are being farmed for profit by those who should look after our interests.

Never before have the superpowers that truly dominate our world been so obscure as to their designations. The EU decides to keep a country that is bankrupt within the union, but urges another country that is in ten times better condition to leave as soon as possible. Where is the logic? Forget economic reasons. There is something deeper, darker and infinitely more troubling going on.
Capitalism and its puppet masters are accommodating their pawns, preparing a new game. Perhaps it is more suitable for the UK to leave the irksome safe port of Europe and join other associates? Perhaps the USA will forge a new alliance with them?
Whatever else, the people of Great Britain or of Spain, or any other country will not be the beneficiaries of these changes and readjustments.

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