Wind of Change?

Sometimes, a step forward, a new start, a fresh breeze, can be deceptive. As the Democratic National Convention draws to a close, having elected Hillary Clinton as its candidate, I cannot help but wonder just how Americans are going to reconcile the lesser of two obvious evils. I would like nothing more than to feel... Continue Reading →

Sweating the Small Stuff

<a href="http://Unstoppable"> I would like to pay homage to the Heroes of Daily Life, the Organisers, the Checklist Managers, the Taxi Drivers, the Late Night Cooks, the Early Morning Encouragers, The Caregivers. Without you and your effort and dedication to causes that are not your own, and the loss of personal time you suffer, the... Continue Reading →

When You Walk in my Shoes…

When You Walk in My Shoes Lately there have been a lot of posts on social media criticising people who take their elderly relatives to a nursing home. It is widely believed (at least here in Spain) that it is because of the selfishness and lack of appreciation towards the older generation. While it may... Continue Reading →

Eighty Years On- A Tale of Two Spains

On such a day as today, eighty years ago, all hell broke loose in Spain. It was the start of the Spanish civil war which was to last two years and eight months. It was caused by a military uprising against the left leaning Republican government, supported by right wing, conservative falangists, the Nationalists, led... Continue Reading →

How Many Lives?

Once again, we fall asleep -or wake up, as the case might be- to the news of a massacre in France. This time it was France. Recently, it was Turkey, or Iraq. It is the daily pulse in Syria and so many other countries. As usual, when these things happen, there are two main currents... Continue Reading →

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La universidad en la naturaleza

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