A Ban on Identity, A Ban on Diversity

I must admit that I started to research for this post with mixed feelings. I reasoned to myself that if a religion like Islam, with so many millions of followers, had a large number of female followers who wore some type of head and /or body covering, that it could not be just a coincidence.... Continue Reading →

The Torture of Tradition

'There is no torture involved in bullfighting.' The person who said this is Oscar Higares, bullfighter. He said it in an interview on national TV. He said it convinced of the truth he was speaking, outraged at the notion that anyone could contradict him. Who better than he, a matador (killer/slaughterer in Spanish) would know... Continue Reading →

Half A Lifetime Ago

'Half a lifetime ago, today, everything changed. And as could be expected, no one said a word about what you need to do to assimilate it. I spent the day waiting for the day to go by, wishing you would finally appear. Near eight o'clock, you decided to show up, screaming your head off. Your... Continue Reading →

A Letter In Blue Minor

Hello. It's me. The You that is within sight of the half century mark. I hope I can convey to you just how marvelous you are. Forget all those times you were told the opposite. You are tough as nails, smart as the north wind that whips the coast. You're a beam of sunlight dispersing... Continue Reading →

Crazy and Proud of It

All the best people are a little crazy, wyrd…

Strange Salmagundi

If one more person tells me I’m not crazy, I might just scream.

No, despite my tendency to leave out words and commit typographic sins on a regular basis, there is nothing wrong with that sentence.  I doubled checked it and it says exactly what I want it to.  I am crazy.  I’ve spend the last 11 years laboring under a diagnosis of Major Depressive Disorder.  At one point, one of my medications was over $600.  Until recently, my insurance ate up half my tiny paycheck and, prior to doing that, it didn’t cover anything until I met a $2500 deductible – which I never did.  Goddammit, I’ve earned the right to call myself crazy.  By this point, I’ve paid money for the right.

But people absolutely flip when I say, “I’m crazy.”  There’s a stigma attached to it that I think is ridiculous – particularly since I can’t figure…

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Pride, Praise, Prejudice. The Río Hunger Games

In our modern society, some sports have been turned into a multi-million dollar business with little to no scruples. Obscene amounts of money change hands. Athletes are seen as role models and praise id bestowed on them generously, for they represent the human virtue of effort. Nevertheless, one would think that the spirit of sportsmanship... Continue Reading →

The Profundity of Your Self

We need to find within ourselves the space where we truly reside, where our essence is located, that which is immutable and unforsakeable. Why do I start with this esoteric, philosophical statement? I think that too often we let ourselves be dragged by our lives through the days and weeks, barely perceiving the truths that... Continue Reading →

What if… your truth matters?

Dare Boldly

Walking on the edge of infinity she saw her life unravel like a river flowing endlessly into the sea. Walking on the edge
of infinity
she saw her life
like a river
flowing endlessly
into the sea.

Mixed media on water colour paper
©2016 Louise Gallagher

A friend is telling me of a conversation they are afraid to initiate with a loved one. They are in pain. Feeling sad. Broken. Confused.

What is the worst that could happen if you have the conversation? I ask.

And they tell me of their fear that their loved one will get angry. Storm out. Deny. Refuse. Reject.

What is the worst that could happen if you don’t have the conversation? I ask next.

And their shoulders slump, their eyes close momentarily and they breathe a deep, sadness-tinged sigh and whisper, “Nothing will change.”

So often, we see a situation through the eyes of our fear of what the other will do, how they will respond or react when we speak up, challenge the…

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