I Don’t Mind Pity


This is in response to some posts I’ve read from some really lovely mothers of autistic children.  I understand where they are coming from but I would like to present a friendly alternative argument.

I like being autistic, I could do without the accompanying depression/anxiety & physical illness, but I am still glad to be me.  And I am so impressed with your pride in your children.  It is so important that the message gets out to the general population that autism is not a horrific sentence that means your life is effectively over and your family’s ruined.  But and this is a big but, ignorance is fought by information not insistence on polite silence.

First if I have a melt down in public I want people to know I am autistic, it is their business because similar behaviour is exhibited by people with a potentially dangerous issue, alcohol, drugs,psychotic…

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What I don’t miss

Afterlife Love Story

They ask me everyday don’t I miss meat, sweets, cakes and the white loaf of bread which I quit eating the day you were gone, cause my body just wouldn’t take them.

No, I don’t!

They ask me don’t I miss going out and partying, shopping for fancy outfits that I was so good at mix&matching, going to movies.

No, I don’t!

Don’t I miss my old self. No, I don’t, because the new I has nothing to do with all these things. My new self doesn’t understand how one can spend energy and thoughts on food, clothing, basic, temporary and material  low-vibrational things when all this energy could be directed to the exploration and appreciation of life, space, the purpose of life, happiness in its existential form.

I only miss you…sometimes, only sometimes, when my old self tries to reoccupy its positions in my mind & body I miss…

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Wake Up!


Wake up, people!
Wake up and realize that the world is yours. Wake up to the power that you hold.
What will it take for you to start moving, my people? How many lives must be lost, on home turf and abroad, before we just stand up to the bullies and say ‘Enough!’?
How many times more will we listen to the news and gasp at the latest shooting, the new act of violence, the flapping of the predatory wings that seek to dispossess us of our last grain of hope? How many more of your friends and relatives will you have to see lose their house, their job, their sanity? Or will you wait til it’s you that loses something?
Why must we trust people who are patently untrustworthy? Who says we should believe those in power? Who gave them the right and the wisdom to decide?
We see a system, the democratic one, that is weakened and made into a farce that sustains only those on top. We have a financial system that has bred a toxic variety of capitalism that invades, colonizes and destroys whatever it touches. You don’t believe me? OK, watch the video by John Perkins, ‘Whistleblower, Confessions of an Economic Hitman’. It’s just over two minutes and it’s very enlightening.
The ruling classes want us meek, mild and dumbed down because we’re better to steer. How would you explain the progressive infantilization of entire populations? Reality TV, anyone? Education is on the fall in too many countries for it to be a coincidence. It has been proven time and again that the less educated a nation, the easier it is to govern. They test us, use us as Guinea pigs.
The choice is ours. Would we rather make more conscious choices in our everyday lives and really be aware or would we be content with others making decisions for us that may not be in our best interest?



This is the link to the John Perkins video.

This is the link to a video by Stefan Molyneux called ‘The Story of Your Enslavement’

The Rise of The Unwise: Trump and The ‘Unknowledgeable’ Quest for Office


I have come to the conclusion that the counselors hired by Trump told him to just be himself in the first Presidential Debate with Hillary Clinton. They know he can’t beat Hillary at a game in which she excels. So they must have come to the conclusion that it was far better to tell him ‘Do your thing’: the gimmick of being un-political, not slick and knowledgeable because people in general, and his potential voters in particular have little idea of how Washington works and don’t like to feel they are being talked down to by a fancy talking DC politician.
I know, I know… far fetched. Let’s see how the polls go. I am aware this is an absurd opinion. The problem is that Trump is capable of trying it. I wouldn’t put it past him or his team. They’re out to win. He’s garnered a following of millions being himself.
He was incoherent most of the time and the few moments when he wasn’t, he didn’t press Hillary for an answer. In any case, he’s a disaster in a debate. I find it hard to believe that such an utter lack of professionalism is totally unscripted. I’m probably seeing weird things because it is just so surreal that he is a candidate. Yet again, speaking as a non-American who will not be able to vote but will most probably be affected by the outcome, this is a surreal campaign from beginning to end, on both sides.
I know many people who would vote for him. I’ve seen it here in Spain and I am seeing it still, both nationally and locally. A candidate like Trump makes them feel good about themselves because they think: if he talks just like me (so I can relate to him) and he’s the candidate, then I’m not a total failure. I think that is what draws people to him. He says what they think and dares to say it in an ‘unsophisticated’ way. It’s not just their VIEWS he gives voice to, he resembles THEM!
I’d call Mr. Trump’s intervention in the debate the drunken ramblings of a chimp because I can’t for the life of me understand anything he says. I can’t agree or disagree with him because I don’t know what he means. He’s incoherent , and listening to his drawn out speaking process is difficult. It seems like he makes no effort whatsoever not only to be coherent, but to put his thoughts in order so as to make himself minimally comprehensible. I can only guess that he considers this too ‘intellectual’ and many followers are of the same opinion.
And his counselors know it. So that’s why I say that it’s not totally absurd (within the context of this surreal campaign) that they just let him, as they say, ‘go do his thing’. If they tried to get him to do something differently, he wouldn’t out of sheer megalomania and stubbornness.
As for the more educated Trump followers, they would fall, as I see it, into two categories: the ones who rightly or wrongly believe that they will profit from him being in Office; and the ones who are SO fed up with the political establishment that Hillary represents that they just want out, a total outsider, someone who, to them, is a symbol of lack of political correctness and who cannot be ‘steered’ easily. To them, Trump is not perceived as a part of the political establishment. This, of course, is not true at all. We all know the immense leverage big corporations have on governments, on either side of the Atlantic and indeed around the world.
Basically, people are turning towards Trump because he makes them feel good about themselves. He is rich, but he is not a snob or an intellectual. People -who would have thought- can forgive his money. After all, isn’t that the American Dream? But people are unwilling to forgive anyone who makes them feel stupid or talked down to, or someone who explains things that they don’t understand very well in a way that makes them suspect they are being conned.
As I write these last words, I am seeing the results of several polls. The debate has a clear winner, apparently.
Time Magazine: Clinton, 45%, Trump, 55%
CNBC: Clinton, 33%, Trump, 67%
CNN. Clinton, 34%, Trump, 18%, Neither, 47%
I am starting to believe that maybe there’s more to Trump than meets the eye…or the ear. Is my hypothesis on its way to being proved true? You can disagree with me. I may be wrong. Time will tell.



I am A Woman, A Warrior, A Leader


There’s no choice but to be a warrior!
Women are warriors by nature. We have to fight to be allowed to be ourselves even more than men. We fight against staggering odds for our families and loved ones. We learn the virtues of patience and constant work as a means of reaching our goals. We jump hurdles, organize, distribute, do intricate time juggling to balance our needs and our families’ needs. It is a daily dilemma, an obstacle race. What is urgent and what can be delegated, worked around or postponed? It takes organizational skills, resilience, patience and a bit of luck.
Sometimes we become what people call ‘a nag’ . To be clear, most of the time when certain people call you a nag they actually mean that you are playing Jiminy Cricket to their Pinnochio. You’re making them feel uncomfortable with their actions. They resent it. You feel like you’re dragging a dead ox tied to your ankles. It’s hard to be responsible for your life, to let the weight of your responsibility to yourself fall squarely on your shoulders and not try to dump it on someone else. Warriors naturally tend to accept responsibilities as a given. People around them know they are dependable. Some will try to take advantage of this and heap their issues on them. Sometimes warriors spend years catering to everyone but themselves and then when time goes by and you have little to show for yourself personally or careerwise, they’ll do the double-think guilt trip and make YOU feel responsible for it. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Gratitude is not on their mind.

I have always taken it for granted that I am a warrior. That doesn’t mean that I am manly. I am womanly. I am nurturing and caring, but I know that to actually be nurturing and caring you have to be vulnerable and therefore courageous. ‘Courageous’ comes from the Latin ‘cor’, heart. So anyone truly courageous is also truly tender and loving. They live from the heart. And this applies to both men and women. It takes strength to be the real, wyrd you in a world that will constantly try to put you into a mold that you have not signed up for and that you will never fit into.
Take pride in yourself and your path. If anyone tries to bring you down, remember that it’s because they are beneath you. Don’t stoop! Rise up and carry on, warrior!


Don’t believe…


I have found that the key to inner peace is knowing, deep in your guts, that you are worthy and that you can and will find your way if you listen to that nagging little voice that refuses to go away. It’s not about the voices of others, but about your own voice. Finding your own voice doesn’t mean not listening to others. It means that you choose to listen to your guts when in doubt. They always know. They know your fears and more importantly they know your hopes and just how much you can achieve if you trust yourself.
This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use logic as far as possible. I definitely use logic as a way of making solid decisions. However, I have found that sometimes there is only so far you can go with logic. You reach a point where there are equally logical options and you cannot decide which is logically better. So you’re left to fumble through your logical brain for an answer. If you stop and listen to yourself, calm your thoughts and connect with yourself, you will know exactly what the right answer is for you at that moment. If you do this consistently, you will probably make better decisions. And also, there will be people who accuse you of being fickle, unreasonable and silly. Never fear! Don’t panic, in spite of what the fearmongers may say.
Some would have you renounce your innermost essence to accommodate their ideal of who you should be.
They say you never know what you have til you lose it. Or til you fear you can lose it…
I don’t want to lose my perspective or my sanity. I don’t want to lose sight of what really matters.
I don’t want to lose hope in the future of Humanity. I don’t want to lose a single day feeling useless and
clueless. I don’t want to lose my friends, the few brave souls who have stood by me throughout the years. I don’t want to stop being me. I will strive to retain every shred of what makes me be me, that wyrd Green Dog who insists on giving a bark of warning to those who doubt themselves.

How Does Dealing With What Makes You Fragile Makes You Stronger?

Turn your fragility into your strength.

Michael J. Fite


“If you never learn what makes you fragile, you will never learn how to fix them and become stronger in life.” -Michael J. Fite

Keep this in mind when it comes to the importance of you learning what makes you fragile.

The reality is that we all have at least one thing in our lives that makes each of us fragile. Whether we want to admit it or not, it is important to understand that no matter how much we try to hide or run from what makes us fragile, the only way to get through them is to deal with them head on.

For today’s inspiration, we will answer the following:

  • What is the definition of fragile?
  • Why do people hate being fragile?
  • How can you deal with what makes you fragile?
  • How can dealing with what makes you fragile makes you stronger?

Now that we have the…

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Should I Forget…


Should I forget …
Life is nothing if not for our memories. It seems that all we can take with us anywhere are those intangible fragments of moments lived. I have a lot of chances of losing my memories from a certain age onwards. The genes are there…
So I’ve started thinking what I’d want my loved ones to know if I should forget myself.
First of all, I want you to know that deep inside there is a place where my memories live, where their fragility will not cause their extinction. I may in time not recognize your face but I know you are important to me, I trust you and love you.
I’d also like you to remember me as I am now, as wyrd and loud and vibrant as I am. A pain in the neck sometimes and always wondering if I am doing things right, if I am truly enough, if I can ever stop the restlessness in my soul, if I will ever not feel an outsider looking in, if I will ever understand myself or the world.
I wish the best to you, my Tribe of Braves, Loves of my life. I hope to have been a positive in your existence. You will never know just how much you mean to me and how proud I am of you. I’ve tried to carry my own burdens and not pass them on. I believe I have succeeded. Sometimes I may have needed a bit more help, but in any case I made it through.
Now that the veil of dementia is still a remote possibility, I want to express my gratitude for the gifts I’ve been endowed with. I promise to live my life to the fullest, get out of my comfort zone and not strive to be perfect but to be present in my own life. I may not always make it, but I am sure going to try.
There is nothing more distressing than not remembering all the things that make you be YOU, a unique individual with all your peculiarities.
Keep my memory for me. Be the teller of my story. Remind me I am loved even if I can’t remember your name. Names are forgettable they don’t define you. Love is unforgettable because it is a reminder of your true self.
Should I forget myself, remember me as I was before.

Why You Must Sit at The Table


‘If you’re not sitting at the table, you’re part of the menu.’
First of all, let’s try to think of what it means to ‘be sitting at the table’.
When you sit at a table, you partake in the interaction happening there. Think of a group of people having a meal, for instance. They talk about the human and the divine. They all choose what to eat and drink. They have a say in what happens. When they talk about other people, these people become ‘part of the menu’ because they are not there to have a say, so in a certain way they are ‘a part of the menu’. They are objects to speculate about, like the hors d’oeuvres or the roast. You may think this is just gossip, but just exactly what is gossip? It is considering that other people are not valuable enough to be considered worthy of respect. Gossip strips people of their humanity and their value. It turns them into objects to judge and dismiss.
In a wider, more political sense, not being offered a place at the table means your interests are not going to be discussed and furthermore you can be used as a pawn and have your life and aspirations, your dreams and hopes dismantled.
That is what is happening on a worldwide scale. The issues that most of Humanity would consider basic and of utmost importance, such as health, poverty, justice, are diligently sidetracked and the population distracted with lesser issues and entertainments to keep them from questioning events and reasons.
I am persuaded that this derives from the hunting tactics used by wild animals. If you’re not in the hunting expedition, you’re likely going to be the prey.
What I conclude is that you should make yourself heard if it’s important to you. Don’t allow anyone to dictate your life, its meaning or its significance to you. You are the Number One World Expert on Your Life. No one can live it for you.
Sit at the table of your life with the confidence that you own it. Leave the haters, the naysayers and the speculators out. Invite only those who support and love you to share in it.
(The quote is not mine. I heard it from a lady called Glennon Doyle Melton, author of a couple of best sellers, Love Warrior and Carry On, Warrior: The Power of Embracing Your Messy, Beautiful Life. She also has a blog called Momastery in which she explains what it is like living a life that is full of joy and mess and imperfections.)

Radically Wyrd, A Guide to Green Dog Love


Let me tell you, dear reader, what love, Green Dog style, is.
Remember that first glimmer of sunlight on a summer morning? Well, that’s not it. It’s more like the headlights of a car straight in front of you which you don’t notice until you realize you’re blinded by the clarity of the feeling that floods you, a feeling of gratitude and fear. You are flooded with relief that all those dreams were not mere imagination, a figment created by your wishful thinking and unlimited faith in the Universe. …
Not quite true.
A Green Dog in general believes that these things- Love, clear skin, winning the lottery, getting rid of the scent of garlic on your hands…- happen to other people. You know, the nice ones. The people who believe that it can actually happen.
So you try to rationalise it. It’s just your brain playing tricks on you, you say. It’s just a risk and it’s not worth taking, you say. How do you even know it’s L-O-V-E , you say. You don’t dare say the word or think it can apply to you. In this cynical world full of naysayers it’s easy enough to find someone who will agree.
Until that day. The day it dawns on you that you can run or hide from anything, except from yourself. You have to give in and admit it. That’s when you decide not to do anything about it. It overwhelms you.
So you let your days roll by in a haze of mixed sentiments, ranging from absolute cynicism to passionate belief. It makes you struggle to define your posture. Will you or will you not get round to DOING something? Are you going to let it pass you by? You think ‘What if it goes wrong?’. And then, ‘What if it goes right?’.
Finally, the optimist in you wins. You will give it a chance. You need to experience what lies ahead. Curiosity and a shaky sort of trust in your senses take the lead. You start to let your feelings show, scared to death and mystified of how this can happen to you. On the good days you bask in the warmth of your love and start to believe it. On the bad days you think of all the excellent reasons why no person in their right mind will stick by you through thick and thin because you are basically insufferable. Too loud, too bossy, too opinionated…
Most of the people you encounter will not, as a matter of fact, stand by you. You will be too weird and too much to handle.
Fast forward a few years and then…
One day in the most casual way you meet someone who actually ‘sees’ you. They see your insecurity and know that it is because you have endured many who have dropped the ball at the worst moments. They see how real and trustworthy you are. They don’t mistake your natural reserve for aloofness. They look at you as if they’d just won the lottery.
You start to think that perhaps it wasn’t that you were too much. Maybe it was the others who weren’t quite enough for you. They couldn’t handle the love you offered. They couldn’t know. They weren’t allowed to see you cry. It would have been a sign of trust and that has to be earned.
You finally come to the realization that the best love had to offer you was a mirror in which you looked at your heart and saw that it was beautiful, worthy, different and special. Your love is not for the weak, for the faint-hearted. It is a wild thing, a radical, powerful display of loyalty, tenderness and stubborn determination.
That’s how you know this love will be the last. It shows you the depth of your soul and the beauty in your heart. It cannot be replaced. It transcends you.