Just So You Know…


I love you…
Just so you know…
I don’t want to be ever left out of this love.
I don’t want to live my life without this love.
Because I am awed by this love we create every day, by its strength and its beauty, its steely tenderness. It is the safe place we can go to and watch life’s storms go by, where we know we ARE, where we can be ourselves and be loved for it.
Because we know what it is to be ridiculed for being tender. I cherish your tenderness, your warmth, your awesome heart.
Because we can be strong for each other and know we have each other’s back. I long to be weak in your arms and cradle you in mine whenever you feel overwhelmed or hurt.
Because we belong to this place of magic and light that is entirely us, entirely you, entirely me.
Because we know that being vulnerable is a demonstration of courage, and few have seen my tears, heard me cry like you have. They don’t deserve it. Only you can see them and kiss them away, only that sweet voice of yours, my lullaby, can ease my worries, dissolve my fears, bring back the laughter to my heart, the twinkle to my eyes.
Because I can barely grasp that I am loved by such a man as you, so wonderful, so brilliant, so sweet, so kind, so strong, so deeply masculine that he is capable of showing me his heart and entrusting me with it, offering it to me in such a way I cannot desire anything more but to fulfill the need to care for it always.
Because every song, every sunset, every sigh, every smile, every word I write, every thought and every beat of this aching heart is yours.
Because I miss you more than mere words could ever express, with such longing that it is a physical ache, but not just…. it’s the need to be in your arms, to feel you, the touch of your skin on mine, to see your blue eyes light up as you see the fire in mine ignite… to love you, body, mind and soul…to spend endless nights and joyful days by your side, wherever life may lead us.
Because I dare love you like I’ve never loved and will surely never love again. In spite of the fear and the feeling of not being quite enough.
Just so you know, as you wake this morning…
I love you…every step of the way….


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