Love Letter at Dawn


Good morning my love!
You will probably be surprised to see this letter in your inbox when you wake, but I couldn’t sleep, for lack of dreams of you.

As you once said to me once about yourself, I know you are the last man I will dare open my heart to. I woke up thinking of how my life would be if you weren’t in it, and all I wanted to do was cry at the barren land it would become.
I could never bear to expose its depths again and be judged or misunderstood. No other could see me quite like you. No other would quite live up to my expectations after being loved by you. And, coward that I am, I would not want to share all the mess that is me with anyone else but you.
You have come into my life and stripped down cynical layers of protection that I’d put up to not be hurt, to not feel so disappointed with life after having done things ‘by the book’ and not got what I expected. Being a good girl has got me good things, but not self respect and self worth.
You inspire me beyond my limits, uphold me and sustain my spirit. You believe in me when I still doubt myself. The twinkle in your eyes is my light and guide. That is priceless.
I will try to get an hour’s sleep now, but I needed you to know how I feel.

Full of love.


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