To The Love of My Life.



Thank you for the inspiration, the spark, the twinkle of the stars.

Thank you for the strength.

Thank you for appearing just as I thought I’d never feel the love I’d always longed for and dreamed of, just as I thought I’d give up…

Thank you for all the moments shared this past year.

Thank you for all the moments yet to come…

The more I know you, the more I feel it is something rare and precious, this love.

The more I feel, the more I want to feel this indescribable joy and longing that deepens and expands day by day.

The more time passes, the more I surrender my silly beliefs to the Truth: it was always you, you were the One who dwelt in my dreams, who inspired my mind when nothing around me seemed to be magical. It was always you, that little voice whispering, ‘Wait, there’s more for you, there’s so much more than you could ever dream…just hang on to it…that little beat your heart skips when you hear a song, or when you see a certain shade of blue sky,….It’s there for you…’. It was you. I somehow sensed you HAD to exist, that such beauty could not just be imagined…I just never thought it could happen to me, that this sceptical, practical stubborn woman who didn’t believe in fairy tales would eventually stumble into the One man who would love her for her own wyrd sake…

I cannot describe just how your love overwhelms me in its depth, and how its passionate stance makes me sigh with longing, yearning to be one with you, imagining how it will be to lie in your arms, and desire nothing else than for time to stand still…for then, I shall be truly loved, truly cherished, truly wanted,…

Truly home…

Truly yours…

And I will love you for all you are, my brilliant, wonderful man. I will love you so that you question my sanity at times, and it will be fine…as long as you never question my love for you, I will be content to be the crazy lady who loves her man in her imperfect, quirky and passionate way. That is my goal and my aim. To grow into profounder and more breathtaking love with you every day…

In everything we do…

In every breath we take…

Every single step of the way…


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