Should I Forget…


Should I forget …
Life is nothing if not for our memories. It seems that all we can take with us anywhere are those intangible fragments of moments lived. I have a lot of chances of losing my memories from a certain age onwards. The genes are there…
So I’ve started thinking what I’d want my loved ones to know if I should forget myself.
First of all, I want you to know that deep inside there is a place where my memories live, where their fragility will not cause their extinction. I may in time not recognize your face but I know you are important to me, I trust you and love you.
I’d also like you to remember me as I am now, as wyrd and loud and vibrant as I am. A pain in the neck sometimes and always wondering if I am doing things right, if I am truly enough, if I can ever stop the restlessness in my soul, if I will ever not feel an outsider looking in, if I will ever understand myself or the world.
I wish the best to you, my Tribe of Braves, Loves of my life. I hope to have been a positive in your existence. You will never know just how much you mean to me and how proud I am of you. I’ve tried to carry my own burdens and not pass them on. I believe I have succeeded. Sometimes I may have needed a bit more help, but in any case I made it through.
Now that the veil of dementia is still a remote possibility, I want to express my gratitude for the gifts I’ve been endowed with. I promise to live my life to the fullest, get out of my comfort zone and not strive to be perfect but to be present in my own life. I may not always make it, but I am sure going to try.
There is nothing more distressing than not remembering all the things that make you be YOU, a unique individual with all your peculiarities.
Keep my memory for me. Be the teller of my story. Remind me I am loved even if I can’t remember your name. Names are forgettable they don’t define you. Love is unforgettable because it is a reminder of your true self.
Should I forget myself, remember me as I was before.

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