Don’t believe…


I have found that the key to inner peace is knowing, deep in your guts, that you are worthy and that you can and will find your way if you listen to that nagging little voice that refuses to go away. It’s not about the voices of others, but about your own voice. Finding your own voice doesn’t mean not listening to others. It means that you choose to listen to your guts when in doubt. They always know. They know your fears and more importantly they know your hopes and just how much you can achieve if you trust yourself.
This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use logic as far as possible. I definitely use logic as a way of making solid decisions. However, I have found that sometimes there is only so far you can go with logic. You reach a point where there are equally logical options and you cannot decide which is logically better. So you’re left to fumble through your logical brain for an answer. If you stop and listen to yourself, calm your thoughts and connect with yourself, you will know exactly what the right answer is for you at that moment. If you do this consistently, you will probably make better decisions. And also, there will be people who accuse you of being fickle, unreasonable and silly. Never fear! Don’t panic, in spite of what the fearmongers may say.
Some would have you renounce your innermost essence to accommodate their ideal of who you should be.
They say you never know what you have til you lose it. Or til you fear you can lose it…
I don’t want to lose my perspective or my sanity. I don’t want to lose sight of what really matters.
I don’t want to lose hope in the future of Humanity. I don’t want to lose a single day feeling useless and
clueless. I don’t want to lose my friends, the few brave souls who have stood by me throughout the years. I don’t want to stop being me. I will strive to retain every shred of what makes me be me, that wyrd Green Dog who insists on giving a bark of warning to those who doubt themselves.

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