I am A Woman, A Warrior, A Leader


There’s no choice but to be a warrior!
Women are warriors by nature. We have to fight to be allowed to be ourselves even more than men. We fight against staggering odds for our families and loved ones. We learn the virtues of patience and constant work as a means of reaching our goals. We jump hurdles, organize, distribute, do intricate time juggling to balance our needs and our families’ needs. It is a daily dilemma, an obstacle race. What is urgent and what can be delegated, worked around or postponed? It takes organizational skills, resilience, patience and a bit of luck.
Sometimes we become what people call ‘a nag’ . To be clear, most of the time when certain people call you a nag they actually mean that you are playing Jiminy Cricket to their Pinnochio. You’re making them feel uncomfortable with their actions. They resent it. You feel like you’re dragging a dead ox tied to your ankles. It’s hard to be responsible for your life, to let the weight of your responsibility to yourself fall squarely on your shoulders and not try to dump it on someone else. Warriors naturally tend to accept responsibilities as a given. People around them know they are dependable. Some will try to take advantage of this and heap their issues on them. Sometimes warriors spend years catering to everyone but themselves and then when time goes by and you have little to show for yourself personally or careerwise, they’ll do the double-think guilt trip and make YOU feel responsible for it. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Gratitude is not on their mind.

I have always taken it for granted that I am a warrior. That doesn’t mean that I am manly. I am womanly. I am nurturing and caring, but I know that to actually be nurturing and caring you have to be vulnerable and therefore courageous. ‘Courageous’ comes from the Latin ‘cor’, heart. So anyone truly courageous is also truly tender and loving. They live from the heart. And this applies to both men and women. It takes strength to be the real, wyrd you in a world that will constantly try to put you into a mold that you have not signed up for and that you will never fit into.
Take pride in yourself and your path. If anyone tries to bring you down, remember that it’s because they are beneath you. Don’t stoop! Rise up and carry on, warrior!


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