Wake Up!


Wake up, people!
Wake up and realize that the world is yours. Wake up to the power that you hold.
What will it take for you to start moving, my people? How many lives must be lost, on home turf and abroad, before we just stand up to the bullies and say ‘Enough!’?
How many times more will we listen to the news and gasp at the latest shooting, the new act of violence, the flapping of the predatory wings that seek to dispossess us of our last grain of hope? How many more of your friends and relatives will you have to see lose their house, their job, their sanity? Or will you wait til it’s you that loses something?
Why must we trust people who are patently untrustworthy? Who says we should believe those in power? Who gave them the right and the wisdom to decide?
We see a system, the democratic one, that is weakened and made into a farce that sustains only those on top. We have a financial system that has bred a toxic variety of capitalism that invades, colonizes and destroys whatever it touches. You don’t believe me? OK, watch the video by John Perkins, ‘Whistleblower, Confessions of an Economic Hitman’. It’s just over two minutes and it’s very enlightening.
The ruling classes want us meek, mild and dumbed down because we’re better to steer. How would you explain the progressive infantilization of entire populations? Reality TV, anyone? Education is on the fall in too many countries for it to be a coincidence. It has been proven time and again that the less educated a nation, the easier it is to govern. They test us, use us as Guinea pigs.
The choice is ours. Would we rather make more conscious choices in our everyday lives and really be aware or would we be content with others making decisions for us that may not be in our best interest?



This is the link to the John Perkins video.

This is the link to a video by Stefan Molyneux called ‘The Story of Your Enslavement’

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