Back To Heaven

'What am I doing here?'-she said to herself, walking up and down the station platform, tossing her short, cinnamon mane. It was already past four p.m. Martha was starting to feel nervous and disappointed. If coincidences weren't flukes, Pierre had appeared in her life for a reason...and had disappeared for a reason. Only that Martha... Continue Reading →

What do you fear?

Dare Boldly

In ego’s dance I am continuously reminded to let go of the past. Ego learned its steps when I was but a child, dependent upon the adults in my world to keep me safe and out of harm’s way.

Those early steps worked well for me then, they do not always work well for me now.

Which means, the me I am consciously being now, must lovingly teach ego new ways of being present in the world, calling upon its innate desire to lead me constantly towards happiness and safety, in new and novel ways the ‘me’ I have grown into knows are possible.

It is a constant dance of drawing out of fear into courage to be, to act, to live passionate and free in the now.

One way to draw ego out of the past is to ask yourself, “What do I fear?”

Beyond spiders and tigers running wild…

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To The Love of My Life.

TO THE LOVE OF MY LIFE... Thank you for the inspiration, the spark, the twinkle of the stars. Thank you for the strength. Thank you for appearing just as I thought I'd never feel the love I'd always longed for and dreamed of, just as I thought I'd give up... Thank you for all the... Continue Reading →

Just So You Know…

I love you... Just so you know... I don't want to be ever left out of this love. I don't want to live my life without this love. Because I am awed by this love we create every day, by its strength and its beauty, its steely tenderness. It is the safe place we can... Continue Reading →

Love Letter at Dawn

Good morning my love! You will probably be surprised to see this letter in your inbox when you wake, but I couldn't sleep, for lack of dreams of you. As you once said to me once about yourself, I know you are the last man I will dare open my heart to. I woke up... Continue Reading →

Safe Harbor

‘Courage’ comes from the latin ‘cor’, which means heart. I celebrate those who live and let live. Leave the judgement out of the equation. Wonderful and courageous post by Kendra Lynn.

Kendra Lynn

My words are poked, prodded, analyzed; parused.

My life is judged, written, scripted; held in a higher vault than all the rest. After all, I passed some mean test.

Though I refuse all labels, one keeps veering its glittery head. Domestic violence survivor. “Glory, glory! She made it out alive. She’s not dead!”

I am not refusing the compliment that is bestowed upon me by so many that show genuine encouragement and support.

What I do detest is the pedestal to which some place DV survivors. That higher than high place. And we should never again feel sadness. We should never again feel anger or frustration. We should never show any sign of any negative emotion, because we survived the worst of the worst.

The rules. Now, the female DV survivor is some pristine model of a strong, successful woman. Pristine. We cannot feel anything but extreme gratitude & happiness.

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I know I am not who I am intended to be. Not by much. I'm getting closer, despite my fears and my monkey brain hopping about. I wish I could just step into myself, the Real Me, the True Green Dog, like I step into a room. Instead, I battle every day to shed the... Continue Reading →

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