Absolute, honest truth. We’ve all been there.

angela montijo

There are days that I just don’t.

Don’t want to be positive. Don’t want to smile. Don’t want to get ready, look presentable, put on make up, do my hair. Don’t want to get out of bed when I’m feeling so cozy and warm bundled up in my plush blanket. Don’t want to listen to a morning radio show and sit in sluggish traffic. Don’t want to have coffee to get that much needed boost. Don’t want to be polite. Don’t want to be ladylike. Don’t want to lie, “I’m fine”. Don’t want to be agreeable. Don’t want to be the yes-girl – “sure, I’ll do that!” Don’t want to be helpful. Don’t want to hold my tongue. Don’t want to care about the lack of structure and terrible curriculum I have to witness on the daily sticking basis as a teaching assistant. Don’t want to be anyone’s assistant – 

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