Fear of Love

I have come across many theories about why people do what they do. After many words and explanations, it all boils down to two reasons: Love and Fear.
We see it happen every day. People who don’t do things they want to do or even things they need to do because they cannot face their fear. The fears are diverse, but they can be reduced to this:
-I am afraid of failing.
-If I fail, others will humiliate me.
Somewhere along the way, we forget that others will not solve our problems.
We forget that our lives are ours, intrinsically and inevitably in our hands.
We forget that no one has the right to tell us off for living our life by our rules.
We forget that the essence of being human is thinking for ourselves.
We forget that life consists of moments and there will be all sorts of moments in each life, some better and others worse.
We forget our strength and our beauty.
We forget that we are wiser if we just leave the fear in its place, in a corner.
We forget that we know best for us.
So today, I ask you to fight oblivion with love.
I ask you to love yourself for the marvel you are.
I ask you to love your roughness and your light.
I ask you to remember that others are just as scared as you to take the first step.
I ask you to take that first step towards your dreams, however shaky and small and apparently futile it may seem.
I ask you to bring forth your Warrior. The one who knows how to be brave and cry and get up and do things.

I ask you to lay aside your ancient, primitive fear and instead choose love.


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