You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?

When you say you are pro-life, please explain and define exactly what you mean. I cannot add anything else. This article leaves you reeling. The transformations of the fortunate children who were adopted serve to mitigate an ounce of the pain. If this doesn’t make you think hard, nothing will.



I don’t do politics. Politics is ugly. Especially this election, yeesh. It seems, that one of the major divisive talking points is the pro-choice vs pro-life argument. The more and more rhetoric I hear, I want to ask you (challenge you even) Pro-Lifer, are you truly truly pro-life or are you simply anti-abortion?

What happens when this child you fought to be born needs routine well checks and immunizations and their parents need help affording it? What happens when the child turns out to have more complex medical needs like Down Syndrome, congenital heart defect, or osteogenesis imperfecta? Are you supporting programs like Medicaid? Are you supporting or contributing to local doctors who provide free or reduced services for low income families? You should be. Access to healthcare greatly increases one’s quality of life. And you said you were pro life.

What happens when this child you fought to be born grows into a toddler…

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5 thoughts on “You Say You’re Pro-Life – But Are You Really?

      • I’ve had a similar stipulation against people who claim to be pro-life. Do they just not understand that some women can’t financially or emotionally have kids at the time of comceivement? It’s not always in the child’s best interest to be born at all frankly.

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      • Especially when there are physical issues involved either with the mother or the child… but yes, a woman may not be able to care for that child with minimal guarantees. And the thing is the people who advocate for pro-life usually are the ones who will blame the mother or the family but offer no solutions once/if the child is born. They are so bent on protecting what’s not born than helping what is.

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      • Exactly. I mean what are women with a pregnancy that could kill them meant to do? Carry a baby to term that they’ll never get to raise? It’s absurd.


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