The Price of Perfection

I realise that I can only speak from my experience, although I know for a fact that most Spanish women of my generation would probably agree. There are many subtle ways in which I still detect harsher judgment being passed on women than on men. We are still, in some ways, at a liminal stage.... Continue Reading →


My translation from Asturiano to English. Glad to collaborate in the diffusion of the Celtic cultures of Europe and our Asturian culture in particular.

Lliga Celta d'Asturies


The encounter and the conflict between the old Asturian language and Latin 2000 years ago was strong for centuries, Latin being the winner and overruling the old Asturian. Nevertheless, the old Asturian resisted dying altogether as is proven by a long list of  pre-Latin  Indo-European  words that, in spite of their geographical and linguistic limitations, still exist today. Through diachronic linguistics we know that  not only these words of Latin and Spanish origin exist in Asturian, but we also find every now and then other words from languages previous to Latin in Asturies, like some pre-Celtic and Celtic words.

This linguistic study of Asturian is very important due to its archaism. Neither the Romans nor the Visigoths did away with this archaism in rural areas.  In addition to this, the study of  these expressions is rendered more important because some of these archaisms, inherited from western Hispanic Indo-European,  are…

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Asturian Folk. Roots of our Region.

Lliga Celta d'Asturies

Felpeyu ye un grupu de música folk d’Asturies y una de les referencies na música asturiana.

Foi fundáu en 1991 en Salamanca, onde estudiaren Belles Artes los sos miembros fundacionales Ígor Medio y Ruma Barbero. Dende entós, desendolcaron una carrera musical con una bayura d’actuaciones per España, Europa y Australia.

El so primer trabayu discográficu foi’l discu homónimu Felpeyu, editáu en 1994 por Fonoastur. Pa entós, ya habíen espublizáo la maqueta Fuxide oricios (1993) y contribuyeron al recopilatoriu “V Festival de Música Folk Galega” (1993. Edicions Discográficas Galegas). Magar qu’al entamu de la so carrera desenvolvíen un repertoriu con pieces asturianes y gallegues (pola participación de los hermanos Cástor y Félix Castro), Felpeyu centróse col tiempu nos sones más averaos al repertoriu asturianu.

En 1997 apaez el so segundu discu, Tierra (Fonoastur) y enxertan una de les sos pieces del discu Felpeyu nel recopilatoriu Naciones Celtas.

En 2000 asoleyen Live Overseas (Urchin Records), discu en direutu grabáu n’Ourense…

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What Are Positive Things Can You Take From The 2016 US Presidential Election?

Michael J. Fite


“I  believe that behind every negative things, there are positive things that we can learn.” -Sparklesbehind

Keep this in mind whenever you find yourself trying to learn something positive from something that appears negative in all phases.

When someone or something turns out to be negative in all phases, it can be harmful, toxic, and painful to watch and be apart of. The beauty that exists in such negative things is that you can learn some positive things that can help you become better and change the world in the process.

Today’s inspiration will take a look at the 2016 United States Presidential Election in a different light. We will simply take a look at the following:

  • 2016 U.S. Presidential Election: How did we get from start to finish?
  • What were some of most negative comments from the 2016 U.S. Presidential Candidates?
  • What made the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election negative?

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The Sea Within The Sea

The sea, always the sea... Never look too far from your door, for truth be said, you will never need to wander far to find the essence of what you're looking for. The essence of the sea and fishing villages in Asturias is found in places like Cuideru (Cudillero), where the quaint streets and the... Continue Reading →


Traditions and origins.

Lliga Celta d'Asturies

Nemetobriga (30 B.C.-640 A.D.) was cited by Ptolomeus as a city or capital of the Asturian tribe of the Tiburos, one of the fourteen Asturian tribes numbered by Adolf Schulten in his work. It is also mentioned in the Antoninus itinerary as a stop between Astorga and Braga on the Roman route called Via Nova (New Route) or Route XVIII.


Most historians localise it in what is today Puebla de Trives or Trives Viejo, in Ourense.

The etimology of these toponyms is quite clear and undoubtedly Celtic. NEMETO-BRIGA, “Sacred City/Sanctuary”, where the element ‘briga’ comes from the well-known Celtic ‘ bhrgh-‘ ([bh ]>[b], [r], >[ri], [gh], >[g]), known in the proto-Germanics “burg-“.

This toponym is found  in some  European cities with ties to Celtic culture: “Nemetacum” in Belgian Gallia, the French city of Arres; “Nemetodorum”, The French city of Nanterre; “Vernemetum”, in the English county of Nottinghamshire; “Medionemetum” in Scotland…

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