Villalonga, Navia. #TheOtherSpain




A short walk takes us into another world. We leave behind the urban centre of Navia and enter the world of winding country roads, farms and emerald green silence, broken only by the distant bark of a dog or the whistling of a passing bird.

There is nothing arid in this lush paradise.

The sky goes from blue to grey, a light breeze stirs up as we quicken our pace at the smell of rain on the wind. Rural Asturias is a world of peaceful sights and ancestral sounds and smells. Oaks, chestnuts and fig trees growing mingled with pines and beech trees, and tender green grass that gives a unique taste to the milk from the cows that graze on it. The scent of wood fires burning in the kitchen is all it takes for this country girl to go back in time to a kitchen where supper is being made on a wood burning stove.

, a tortilla de patatas (Spanish omelette made with potatoes, onions and eggs) and some chorizo.

Come up north. Come to #TheOtherSpain

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