Diary of An Anarch in No Man’s Land

  You can never be a prophet in your own land, they say. And if you don't have a land, you will be dispossessed of any and all the prophecies that you utter because you have no right to contemplate and feel what is not yours as if it were even for an instant. Nobody... Continue Reading →

Area Recreativa de Folgueirou,Illano

Green silence. Magic. Come to #TheOtherSpain


Este área recreativa, situada en el alto de su mismo nombre, se encuentra un par de kilómetros antes de llegar a la capital del concejo por la AS-12. Dispone de bar, zona de ocio infantil, bolera, campo de fútbol, campo de tiro al plato y merendero. En ella se encuentra el Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza, la piscina municipal y la Oficina de Información y Turismo.

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Be Proud to Become a Woman!

I wear red because it enlivens me and to share life. For all those who are no longer here. For all those who cannot raise their voice. For each and every one of my Warriors. For all those who don't see. For all those who can't help but see. Today we celebrate Working Women's Day.... Continue Reading →

The Walls of Time. Navia #TheOtherSpain

Built in the thirteenth century, the medieval wall in the centre of my town expresses much more than the building capacity of the people that lived here centuries ago. It is a metaphor of the union which was necessary to survive as a group and individually. No stone was unnecessary. All together, they protected each... Continue Reading →

After The Storm

The storm has passed but the beach has disappeared. The sand dunes have invaded the picnic area and they have given it a lunar aspect.

I Hope You Never Know

  To all those who dare criticise the carers of elderly people: I hope you never find yourself confined to your house for days because your parent is ill and you have no one to delegate on. I hope you don't have to watch opportunities go by because you know you can't afford to take... Continue Reading →

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La universidad en la naturaleza

La universidad en la naturaleza

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To embrace life with all of your senses. To contemplate. To enjoy. That's what this is about. Do you have the will to enjoy?

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