Platitudes on Aging and Other Annoying Things

Wait for it…The end is perfect!



I hate platitudes. You know those annoying statements people say to make you feel better about a situation. I come from a line of women who live long lives, into their eighties and nineties. Based on that kind of lineage, I anticipate a long life too. I’d prefer to be one of those women who age gracefully (whatever the heck that means).

My mother, a proud woman, wore her crown of white hair and the wrinkles on her face with pride. Coloring her hair would have been an insult. “I earned every one of these gray hairs raising six kids, ” she said, more times than I can count. Never at a loss for words, Mother had quite a few trite statements and tiresome clichés in her repertoire of advice. None of which prepared me for the grim reality of aging. I would’ve preferred the truth.

In honor of…

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Liebster Blog Award

  I have been nominated for the Liebster Blog award by the gracious and always interesting (and multilingual) Sara  E. Ackerman, Author! These are the rules if you wish to participate: 1. Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award. Thank you to Sara Ackerman, Author! 2. Answer the 11 questions the blogger... Continue Reading →

¿Los Últimos Ganaderos Asturianos?

Por Guadalupe García Fernández Hay una cosa que nadie se da cuenta: urbanitas, ecologistas, funcionarios y ganaderos se está tirando los trastos a la cabeza. Todos quieren lo mismo :que no se queme el monte, pero unos quieren imponer sus normas a costa de las necesidades-tradiciones-estilo de vida-conocimiento de la flora y fauna. No todo... Continue Reading →

The Last of The Asturian Farmers

  There's something that nobody realizes. Urbanites, ecologists, civil servants and farmers are attacking each other. They all want the same thing: for forests not to burn but some of them want to impose their blanket rules in spite of the needs, traditions, lifestyles and knowledge of the flora and fauna of the others. Not... Continue Reading →

El Patriarcado del Salario: “Lo que llaman amor, nosotras lo llamamos trabajo no pagado”

Prensa Comunitaria Km. 169


Conversaciones con Silvia Federici (I/II)

Por Gladys Tzul Tzul[1]

Silvia Federici. Teórica y militante feminista italiana. Autora de Calibán y la Bruja (Pez en el Árbol, 2013); la Revolución Feminista Inacabada (Calpulli, 2013); la Revolución en Punto Cero (Traficantes de Sueños, 2013). Federici participó y acompañó luchas de las mujeres por la defensa de las tierras comunales en Nigeria; en los años setenta realizó una campaña por el salario al trabajo doméstico. Sus reflexiones abordan de manera histórica las luchas políticas de las mujeres por producir lo común, con una fértil mirada sobre la reproducción de la vida. En esta conversación que sostuvimos en Puebla, México, nos presenta elementos teóricos para interpretar de manera más amplia el funcionamiento de lo que ella llama el patriarcado del salario. La conversa nos dota de una serie de detalles de la historia del capitalismo que sirven para comprender nuestras luchas.

GTT. Tú…

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Requiem For The Global Dream

  What is happening in the world when it seems as if everywhere you look the same  worldwide current of globalization is becoming toxic for the majority of the people? When people say that we are all human, which is obvious, they often forget that we are not born equal. No, we aren't. Or would... Continue Reading →

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