Catalonia, Or The Popular Fight for Freedom


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I’ve been thinking about something to say about the Catalan referendum for days.

But I’m going to talk about Spain,

I have lived abroad and I consider myself a working-class, critical thinker with the fortune of having been able to go to university. I think in terms of people. I am a part of that Spanish, mediocre people.

Spain is that country where we complain because the Catalans speak Catalan, because we do not understand them, but nevertheless we happily sing songs in English without worrying about what the lyrics say.

Spain is that country that says: “it is stupid to have to vote everything we have to decide, politics is not for me, that’s what politicians are for” when defending direct and participatory democracy, but if we are going to hold a Catalan referendum, all Spaniards should vote it.

Spain is that country that says “Catalonia is Spain, even if they  are screwed.”, with spite but have never set foot there;

Spain is that country that defends its Constitution, its Transition and its flag, but  where people never shout “Go get them!” when the political, business and financial elite daily defile, trample and demean them.

Spain is that country that says “We all pay the Mossos (Catalan police)”, but they do not say ” We all pay Parliament.” when a President of the Government lies to them.

Spain is that country that wants to decide on Catalonia, but never raised an eyebrow when we were not asked to decide on the Head of State of our country.

Spain is the country where the Head of State is the heir to the heir of a dictator and belongs to an undemocratic institution that puts him above the common citizens but affirms that democracy will judge those who divide the people

Spain is that country that wants the political forces to dialogue and compromise, but shouts ” Execute Traitors Now!”.

Spain is that country that says: “Create a political party and change things from the inside, instead of camping in the Plaza de Sol(main square of Madrid)”, but then despises and insults those  who take the initiative.


Spain is the country where you “change your car, change your house, change your couple, change your work, change your style” to go be up-to-date, but that is anchored in a forty year old constitutional system that came into effect as the lesser evil after forty years of a cruel Dictatorship that divided the country and instilled the fear of being an outcast into the very root of the collective psyche.

Spain is that country that worries that the Catalans, if they secede, are not going to be European, but in the European elections, participation barely passes 40%.

Spain is that country that unfurls its flag when the national football team wins or Catalunya wants to vote, but that leaves it gathering dust when our politicians bow to international powers and national greed.

Spain is that country that worries that Catalonia is leaving, but that doesn’t care whether thousands and thousands  of young people have been, are and will be forced to exile themselves due to a disastrous economic policy.

Spain is that country that is concerned about the economy of its country if Catalunya leaves, but that has no idea of ​​what each autonomous region actually puts into the system.

Spain is that country that complains that  “muslims” wear the “veil”, and declare it a sexist symbol, imposed by Islam, which is a violent religion, but that looks the other way when  Catholic priests abuse children, or  when the Catholic church has never condemned the murdered people crammed in ditches by  Franco.

Spain is that country that sings to  encourage the security forces of the State when they leave for the “war” in Catalonia, but never demands that those same forces besiege certain venues where politicians hide the proof of their felonies.

Spain is that country that is afraid today of ballot boxes and the most basic exercise of democracy (vote), but is not afraid to continue voting the same politicians.

Spain is that country where people are afraid to stand out, stand up and rock the boat even when it is just and fair. To be popular you must be a wallflower and blend in.

I’ve lived abroad and that has helped me realize something: Spain is that country that thinks itself advanced and civilized, but that is closer to the  third world than it would like to believe.


My Spain, my frightened, mediocre Spain, I  understand you so well. Shed your fears or else you might as well bury your dreams along with  bitter tears of remorse for the future you could have had.

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