Quote Challenge. Day One.

As always, I am late to my appointment with writing. I have the nasty habit of letting life get in the way.

The lovely http://www.harpingbyapixie.wordpress.com has enrolled me in this challenge and I will happily oblige. So with no further ado, I plunge headfirst into the depths.


This sums up my philosophy of life. I have tried to be a good leader, I try to be a good ‘boss’ in my home but I truly feel I am not cut out for it. This is what I always repeat to anyone that wishes to listen. I don’t want to be a guide. I guess I don’t think I’m qualified enough to tell people what to do with their lives. But I do appreciate those friends that stick around through thick and thin. They are my tribe.

I have often said that if you eliminate ignorance, you strike at the root of evil, hate and fear. They all stem from ignorance. Think what a wonderful world it would be if people were freer to think and live without fear and hate. Imagine if evil were eradicated because there was no one interested in harming anyone else.

I find Emma Goldman particularly inspiring, as you can probably guess from my choice of quotes. Revolutionary, visionary, feminist and free thinking, she never failed to question everything she saw. In this quote I see myself reflected. If I have to be absolutely serious, totally focused and entirely dedicated to a cause, I need to be able to dance to the beat of my own drum now and again to remind myself who I am.

I’d like to nominate http://www.seackerman.com and http://www.the15thday.com


3 thoughts on “Quote Challenge. Day One.

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  1. I love all three quotes but my heart is torn between Albert Camus and Emma Goodman. Sometimes, life could be pretty challenging when people more often than not expect you to be the “boss”. It is, unfortunately, my lot in life where family is concerned…never a choice, just one of those things that landed in your lap without being asked. Lol! And education is one I put so much faith into – however, it is not about merely being schooled which many often confused with…what I always wanted is true education – the one infused with character building. Thank you for indulging my request. I will reblog your articles the week after next (will be on a trip, that is why…and still have not learned the art of using WP in my phone).


    1. The thing about responsibility is the same for me as you say it is for you. I am the boss in spite of not wanting it or feeling particularly competent or capable. I believe education is key but lately in my country I’ve had to admit that feelings have a deeper effect on people’s actions than their education or culture. Thank you for thinking of me for the challenge. Have a great trip.


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