Quote Challenge, Day Two



Day two of the Challenge. Tell me what you think of these. The fabulous http://www.harpingbyapixie.wordpress.com thought of me for this challenge so I happily comply.

I have found this to be true throughout my life. Words can hurt or help heal. Actions can go unnoticed or be overly valued. Feelings are the cause of many of our decisions, whether we realise it or not. Sometimes we cannot explain why we have an inclination towards someone who we have little in common with. Especially when we are children, a kind gesture or a word of encouragement will be remembered as we grow, regardless of time.

This is a quote that has given me strength when I’ve felt not enough and powerless. Becoming a woman is a life journey, a work in progress. We need to remember that we do not have to be perfect, that we are human and we deserve respect and kindness, that we need to put ourselves on the list of people we have to care for.

This is something drilled in me throughout my school years. It’s something I have always applied to my life and that I believe is just and fair.

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  1. Maya Angelou is a favorite of mine but I agree with Simone de Beauvoir, one only becomes a woman after she tasted life…hard. It is fun and challenging being one; still, I do not think I will change my lot if given a chance. Tweeted and shared in my FB timeline.

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