Quote Challenge, Day Three

Day three of the  Quote Challenge. Thank you to Marisse Lee http://www.harpingbyapixiecom.wordpress.com for inviting me to review my favourite quotes.


How many times have I been told to mind my own business for expressing my point of view about something? How many times have I been told I would end up ruining my reputation and losing my job? Yet there are times when keeping quiet is siding with evil… which leads me to the second quote:

There are relatively few evil people and a lot of apathetic sheeple. Tha’s why many bad things happen: because those who think of evil actions don’t have any qualms about it and those who see the evil actions have too many doubts.

For my last quote, I’ll choose one of my own:

Freedom and responsibility are two sides of the same coin.

This is something that many people don’t want to see or think about, but I have found it to be true. Initiative is purged out of us while obeying is prized. We are programmed to follow orders, rules and laws without thinking if they make sense. We look outwardly to find confirmation of our beliefs instead of inwardly to encounter our self. If anything, this drowns out our inner compass and prevents us from being independent. Safety comes from the Herd and few dare tread the unknown path, even if it leads you to the most breathtaking place. Take your life in your hands and live it.

I dare you!

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