The Time Between Years


To the year that ends: Thank you. I have learned the lessons as best I could, and they will bear fruit in time to come. I do not know if they will be sweet or bitter, but they will be what they are and I will handle it.

To the coming year: Time for hope, for struggle, for love and  – to the annoyance of some –  to continue being myself a little more every day.

I may lose people on the way but life will bring me other people. After all, we are all pilgrims, so we should not cling to the butterflies of joy any more than we do to the cobwebs of sadness. Let them all be swept away by the winds of change.

I only ask that we realize that there is nothing more valuable than this moment we spend in the world. Take advantage of it.

Let’s do it. Let’s not cling to our truth, to our way of seeing, to our particular idea of ​​things as something immutable, set in stone. There are as many truths as human beings. Accepting this is logical but difficult to do.  That’s why there are terrorists, assassins, crazy pyromaniacs and hatred.

Although  it can be scary to understand that maybe there are alternatives, weighing ourselves down with fear and ignorance will not help us find them.

I say this for everyone including myself.

As long as we choose to see the differences and not the similarities, as long as we do not accept that we are human and therefore fallible, as long as we want to impose force and not do justice and sell our souls to fit in, there will be war and conflict.

Pay no heed to this crazy Green Dog.

You are ready for the truth.  Don’t fear liberty, yours or anyone else´s. You already have it all. Accept it, embrace it.

It is all there is.

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