What Does the EU Do For You?

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“National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times….The only final remedy for this evil is the federal union of the peoples.”

These words were written by Philip Kerr, later Marquess of Lothian,  and are on the wall of the EU’s Visitors’ Centre.


Why do people love the EU? Why are there so many British citizens who are almost grieving over Brexit? What do they think it does for them, as net contributors? Why does the British press propagate biased, ridiculous and almost certainly fake news, such as the possible plague of rats if exports are halted, the idea that the Queen might need to be taken to a ‘safe space’ in case of No Deal Brexit protests? Or that the shops should stock up on Prosecco and Magnum ice cream because there might be a shortage after Brexit? Or that Britanny Ferries had to come out and say that the BBC (?!) was wrong in affirming that they might not be able to make reservations beyond March?

The EU is a multinational institution that has as its aim creating the United States of Europe. Fear mongering? It was fear mongering when they said that there wasn’t going to be a flag of Europe or a Parliament. It was fear mongering when they said that there wasn’t going to be a European army, which is now being promoted and planned by France and Germany.

There is a neocolonial ideology behind the EU. They think up a plan and expect member states to adopt it. They decide what each area can produce or offer and promote it to the exclusion of almost anything else.  In my area of Spain, Asturias, the EU promoted an industrial conversion as well as an agricultural one. As a result, both industry  and agriculture have dwindled and when the current generation of pensioners die out, they will have left behind them a desert in the middle of our green paradise. Many young (and not so young) Asturianos have had or will have little choice but to emigrate in order to make a living that doesn’t include waiting tables twelve hours a day for 700 euros a month. No, tourism isn’t the solution for Spain. The most touristic area of Spain, Andalusia, also has the highest unemployment rate and poverty rate in the country. I feel like Cubans must have felt in the 50s when the USA made them their ‘playground’. They get to decide what we do, how we do it and when.

We’re walking towards the United States of Europe, silently and without being consulted. The UK is being punished, as was Greece and the whole poor south of the continent, for protesting against a covert loss of sovereignty.

Does the end -a global Europe-  therefore justify the means? It is all leading towards a world government, a  New World Order. I thought it was too twisted to be true. Now, I think it is a possibility.

A European Union that does not respect the cultures of its member states does not deserve their loyalty.  I am aware that it was always an economic institution, but I refused to think it would do away with national or regional cultures. I’ve researched the meaning and effects of acculturation. I wonder if that is what we can expect.
The EU has effectively promoted an accelerated acculturation of its members, which is not the same as a process that takes generations. Somebody is in a hurry to unify the United States of Europe in order to make it a reality. I am not convinced, however, that this is in the best interest of the European citizens. It’s starting to feel like a very well orchestrated manipulation. When people confuse the EU with Europe it makes you wonder. The EU is a post WWII entity. Europe is a millennial continent.

The idea of one European country may have seemed a good one, but now it’s not so clear that it is beneficial for even a majority of citizens.  In order to create a United States of Europe, the loyalty of the citizens must be shifted towards a continental mindset. People should voluntarily forgo their own little cultures and instead feel loyalty to a bigger, more multicultural concept of culture. Propaganda, it would seem, has done its work right. It pushes for any dissident thoughts to be mocked into oblivion and accuses those who support small cultures and local customs of holding backward ideas, and does so in a patronizing way.


Members of the European Parliament, like Guy Verhoffstadt have aggressively advocated for member states to transfer ever greater sovereignty to the European Parliament.

I am a believer in all things small and I cannot see how a big, bureaucratic, distant government can fulfill its duties to the people it governs if it doesn’t understand their worries or motivations, or worse, manipulates them to serve the plan that benefits the few to the detriment of the many, It would seem that the European parliament wants to follow in the footsteps of the enlightened despot,  Emperor Joseph II of Austria, who summarized, “Everything for the people, nothing by the people” because he considered the people as unfit to rule over themselves. This is what those who chose to vote for Brexit  and those who are real democrats fear: the relegation of the will of the people to a mere anecdote that is only  taken into account insofar as it fits the master plan designed by the plutocratic masters of humanity.






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