When Teenagers Run the House…

Recently there was a 'strike' of students to protest against climate change. This strike was inspired by a 16-year-old girl, Greta Thunberg . We heard them  say things like  why would they go to school if they had no future in their marches. The shooting at the Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida now comes to mind , after which some students like Emma Gonzalez and... Continue Reading →

What Does the EU Do For You?

“National sovereignty is the root cause of the most crying evils of our times….The only final remedy for this evil is the federal union of the peoples.” These words were written by Philip Kerr, later Marquess of Lothian,  and are on the wall of the EU's Visitors' Centre.   Why do people love the EU?... Continue Reading →

The Leftist Argument Against Open Borders

  https://americanaffairsjournal.org/2018/11/the-left-case-against-open-borders/?fbclid=IwAR3NeHdXQkjLF4qU_W-qPHqgTMFjpYrW7DTkiuHQyt1o5TMiKMZEMlyRzh4   Adapted and Abridged from Angela Nagle's article "The Left Case Against Open Borders," published in American Affairs, Winter 2018 / Volume 2, Number 4) The transformation of open borders into a position of the "left" is a very new phenomenon and goes against the history of the organized left in a fundamental... Continue Reading →

On Becoming an Anarchist: the Character and Contour of a Freeman

Psychologic Anarchist

“Some things scratch the surface while others strike at your soul.” ― Gianna Perada

When one becomes an anarchist he does not fling explosive cocktails at common people. She does not don black attire, incite riots, or write anarchist cookbooks with recipes on burning buildings. It is true that one can be anarchist and commit trouble galore, but that is not the case on the whole. Modern anarchists are generally peaceful and pensive. They resemble most everyone and sport similar excitations, interests, hobbies, appetites, and other humanly behaviors. They simply vie for social and political change. They just want to be free.

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The Green Dog, Cultural Appropriator

I've recently read several articles that had the same underlying theme: cultural appropriation. Since I feel I don't really understand the meaning of this expression, I took the time to look it up in the dictionary. Cultural appropriation: the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture (Cambridge University Dictionary) Cultural appropriation, at... Continue Reading →

Women and Caregiving. An Obligation or a Satisfaction

(Adapted and abridged from http://mujerdelmediterraneo.heroinas.net/2012/10/mujeres-cuidadoras-entre-la-obligacion.html ) (Translation: Maritsa Solares Rico) Women Caregivers: Obligation and satisfaction Caring is at the present time the most necessary action against patriarchal neoliberalism and inequitable globalization. And yet, today's societies, like many in the past, undervalue care and relegate it to a natural condition based on social organisation and assigned... Continue Reading →

Those Brave Enough

I like people who risk being themselves in this world that always tells you that you are not good enough being yourself. I love people who pursue their dreams, who fall, get up, shake the dust off and continue on their way, a little bit bruised but wiser. I admire people who are able to... Continue Reading →

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